01 September 2009

Layout: Pumpkin Picking

This is yet another layout featuring a challenging seasonal color situation. What kind of scrapbooking mom allows her Daughter to wear a red winter coat to pick out pumpkins? Obviously, it was so cold that day that I didn't care about the color challenge that this choice might present down the road.

And when I met Itty Bitty, the gray boy kitty (a perfect match for Lily, BTW), I lost what was left of my senses. It's a wonder I have any pictures of the kids at all.

Now, if any of you are thinking that I have resorted to using ONLY striped patterned paper...you're close to being right. Once again, a stripe came to my rescue, this time from my hoarded Chatterbox stash. I lucked out because this particular stripe has muted red, orange, and even blue -- the other prominent color in these photos. It's a good thing I hoard all of these striped papers!

And -- hold onto your pumpkins -- I used an embellishment on this layout! But not to worry...there are 5 more in the package, so I should be good for another 15 years. Whew! :-)


Debbie said...

LOL! I heard a story about someone buying the kids clothes to match the scrapbook paper! Your layouts are great, I love you simple style that focuses on the pictures-no embellishments needed!

Maureen said...

Ahahaha! Yes, the paper IS perfect! Your work is so clean and neat.

Linda said...

You are so funny. I think I have some of that Chatterbox in my stash too.

Kristina said...

The clothing color challenged pages are great! and striped patterned paper is always the first patterned that catches my eye and my first go-to. TFS!