01 April 2008

Random Musings on a Tuesday

It's time for another list of completely random musings, this time on a Tuesday (rather than a Monday), because you know I like living on the edge. If you have not had the pleasure of reading my random musings in the past, suffice it to say that this is simply a list of random observations and thoughts which have crossed my mind since the last list. These particular random musings were scrawled on the back of a "Pay at the Pump" receipt whilst waiting at a stop light (yes, a stop LIGHT -- not a stop SIGN!), so I'll share the ones I can actually read:

* OK, who the heck taught Lily to ring a bag of jingle bells for food? (Oh, that would be me.) Although utterly adorable, the constant bell-ringing is sort of driving me batty. Who would have guessed that she'd be such a fantabulous bell ringer?

* Speaking of Lily, I've discovered that she has a TWIN living in France. One of Daughter's friends recently returned from a trip to France which included a stay with the Lily Look-Alike. And while that other cat understands French, I'll bet it can't ring a bell.

* This being April 1, I am reminded that I must be on my guard. You see, over the years, I have been the victim of several CRUEL and UNUSUAL April Fool's Day hoaxes. Let's see...there was the time back in Chicago that Spouse called me at work and told me that water was pouring through the ceiling of our apartment from the floor above. Another time, every single person in the office called in sick on the day of a huge meeting, leaving me to fret about running it all alone. Still another year, Spouse turned off the water whilst I was in the shower, completely sudsy and no way to rinse. These are just a few of the very special April Fool's Day memories which come to mind...

* Today I visited the post office in our fair city and discovered that THE STAMP MACHINES HAVE BEEN REMOVED. I stood in line for 15 minutes waiting to buy a stamp. People, something is wrong with this picture.

* This past week, I heard an interview (on NPR, of course) with a runner who has carried the Olympic torch from city to city. Occasionally the runner has to sleep, so can you guess what happens to the torch during those hours? No, it isn't picked up by someone else, nor is it placed under guard overnight. Believe it or not, the runner actually takes the Olympic flame into the hotel room and sleeps with it, bedside. Now I don't know about you, but I tend to think taking the Olympic flame into the Super 8 is somehow a tad bit unceremonious. There's just something not quite right about that image.

* Speaking of NPR, I ran across this GREAT story on the NPR website. I'm not suggesting that if you get robbed, you try this tactic, but I still think it's pretty cool how this guy handled the situation.

* What's the deal with ponytails and headbands, worn simultaneously? Seems like overkill to me...somewhat akin to wearing belts with suspenders.

* On the other hand, what is so wrong with wearing my Born sandals with socks? I wait all winter to put those puppies back on my feet. I could wear them much earlier in the season if I were allowed to sport them with socks.

* Rachael Ray is a just a little bit too perky for me. I'm not knocking her cooking (which appears to be quite good)...just her relentless perkiness.

* In the short time I've been parenting a teenager who is learning to drive, I've discovered something about myself: I'm not a good driving coach. In fact, I'm borderline hysterical. It's really not a good use of my skills.

* Speaking of "poor use of my skills"...I am not at all handy with setting up ginormous round tables, the kind you find in church fellowship halls. Think: Runaway Pancake.

* I have been spending an inordinate amount of time tinkering with the HTML in my blog with an end goal of changing the template to something a bit more exciting. Maybe even brown. How about that for exciting?

* What's the deal with that VH1 show, Rock of Love? I ran across it while flipping channels the other night. Where the heck do they find these people? The SNL spoof of that show was scarily (I thought I was making that word up, but turns out it really is a word) accurate. I'll stick with NPR, thank you very much.

* Riding the recumbent bike (remember: NOT recombinant...that's DNA) at the fitness place the other day, my heart rate on the "workout summary" screen appeared to be 233. I chose not to believe that score. I'm pretty sure that 233 would be the heart rate of a gerbil.

* Speaking of the fitness place, I really don't like the stretchy rubber tube or that evil elliptical machine, but I can lift 80+ pounds with my legs. I can't walk the next day, but hey...


Sarah C. said...

Great list! Very random about the stamp machines disappearing. Are we really buying so few these days? I don't personally buy them often, but when I do I have to use those machines b/c the P.O. is closed. Sure hope mine stay put.

Lida said...

Awesome list, funny as always except I sometime wear a ponytail and a headband, it looks sort of cute lol.

Lynn said...

Janet, love your list. I can't believe your P.O. took out your machine! That is insane. Our P.O. has 24/7 access so I think our machine will be staying.

Now as for the ponytail and headband... I completely have to agree with you! I think it is dumb and actually looks silly. Well... just my opinion.

Heather said...

Great list! I'm with ya on the RR observation. I occassionally watch her show b/c she cooks meals that real people would make, but the constant perkiness is a bit much, and all the talk of "EVOO" drives me nuts. LOL

toners said...

I love the automated postal machine and the stamp machines...lately I've just ordered a bunch of stamps online and had them delivered to the house :) and yes...Rachael Ray is a good cook - but way too perky, especially if I watch her before noon :)

Kristina said...

Rock of Love is my guilty pleasure! and I agree about RR. I love the concept of her 30 minute meals but the longer I watch, the more annoying she becomes.