17 April 2008

Random Musings, This Time on a Thursday

It’s not Monday or Tuesday, but I believe it’s OK to have Random Musings on a Thursday. I actually think any day of the week is appropriate for idle thoughts of little use, and I do my best to fill a good portion of each day with such drivel. So without further ado (or with much ado about nothing), let’s have a look at this week’s Random Musings, most of which (oddly) happen to concern food or beverages:

* When brewing coffee, you'll get better results if you actually put water into the coffee maker.

* Speaking of coffee, if your coffee maker has been sputtering away for awhile and no coffee appears in the pot, BEWARE...it’s a trap! When you open the lid to inspect, the filter may be level full with a dangerously hot mixture of coffee grounds and water. Use extreme caution when handling the filter, and under no circumstances should you let your spouse know what has transpired.

* Speaking of dangerous beverage situations, beware of the handy pop (AKA "soda" to some of you) can cover known as Snap Capp”. Deceptively simple, this little device snaps over the top of an open pop can to keep the contents from going flat. Lovely concept, but when it comes to removing Snap Capp, there is no amount of twisting or even swearing that will dislodge it. I am not kidding! Although the Snap Capp instructions suggest that the cap simply "snaps off", you can squish the can, twist it, step on it, and even ask Spouse for help -- it will not budge. If you're lucky enough to have a pair of Cutco Super Scissors, you can use them to CUT the can away from Snap Capp, creating lethally jagged can edges but allowing you the rare opportunity to actually see the inside of a beverage can.

* Still on the subject of beverages, what's the deal with the "We Refill Ink Jets" on milk sold at Walgreen's? How bizarre is that?

* Moving on to food issues, you know how at some grocery stores, you can purchase plastic containers of pre-washed vegetables? It would be really great if the lids were taped on. Why, you ask? Well, if a container with an untaped lid were (hypothetically) dropped, the veggies would spew forth, volcano style, all over the floor of the produce department. And the dropper might find herself unceremoniously crawling on the floor of the produce department, trying to scoop up wayward carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli and shove them back into the container before seeing anyone she knows. With no produce manager in sight, the dropper of the veggies might even have to slyly sneak behind the produce counter and place the open container (veggies askew) next to the sink, with a fervent hope that someone would rewash the veggies before placing them back on display. All of this *hypothetical* mayhem could be prevented with a bit of tape.

* And what is the deal with the ginormous thing you have to bite when you get a dental x-ray? I'm so gaggy that they give me the thing that a 7-year old girl bites. Who could possibly have a mouth large enough to accommodate the adult size? And why does it have to be completely wrapped in plastic before inserted into your mouth? Is it not sanitized? Has it been in someone else's mouth?

* While at the fitness place Sunday evening, instead of watching the wholesome offerings on the Food Network, I turned the TV on the recumbent bike to the Rock of Love (
ROL) finale. This was only my second time watching ROL, and I must say that I was so riveted by Daisy's extensive arm tattoo and hurling over the side of the fishing boat that before I knew it, I had ridden 13 miles. This, my friends, is surely one of the only good things to come from that show.

* OK, this has nothing to do with anything, but the inside of Lily's mouth is spotted, black and gray. The inside of Tinsel's mouth is plain pink. Isn't that strange?

* In addition to hoarding cheese (see last week's post), I am apparently a hoarder of product points. Over the past year, I have accumulated several hundred Fresh Step "Paw Points" and "Coke Rewards" points, but I can't seem to bring myself to redeem them. With my extreme number of Paw Points, I could get the Cat Privacy Tent or the even the Cat Pyramid...yet I continue to hoard.

* Spouse received a lovely fruit basket this week. It reminded me of a kid I went to high school with -- sort of an unrequited love situation. One Christmas Eve, he left a fruit basket for me on our front step (nothing like fruit to romance a girl, I say). Well, my family was gone for the evening and when we came home, the entire basket was frozen solid to the porch. All the fruit was black. From that point on, I referred to him (in secret) as Fruit Basket. To this day, when I see one, I think of him.

* New foods Lily has tasted this week: trail mix, including pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and dried apricots; a red seedless grape (I removed the tooth-punctured grape from her mouth because cats shouldn't eat grapes or raisins).

* I know Blogger is a free service (and I love Blogger, I really do!), but they really should fix the font function. It works inconsistently and sometimes not at all, resulting in funky, jumbled fonts. This is really distressing to font-conscious folks like me.


Sarah C. said...

LOL Love your random musings. :) As for the coffee maker, I've learned it works best to add coffee grinds. Hot water from a coffee maker just doesn't have the same taste at coffee. :P I periodically claim a free 20oz coke w/ the Coke Rewards and am currently hoarding my Paw Points as well. Last year we redeemed some for the safari stripe litter box mat. I like that. Bright & cheery. But yet, litter still finds it way to other places....

KarenSue said...

I have one of those soda cap thingy's!!

now I know its more decorative than functional.

love your hypothetical grocery store scenario. luckily when it happened to me, I was at home.

toners said...

Woo hoo! Random musings on a Thursday just to change things up :) And..um..hypothetically...I think those veggies would definitely spew all over the floor...not that it's ever happened to me...

Heather said...

Love all your thoughts! Just a word of advice (totally unsolicited of course!) REDEEM those points! I used to collect betty crocker points or some thing like that and never used them and then the program was discontinued! Get the kitty tower!

Anonymous said...

Yet another interesting week...let's see what's to come! (Although that idea scares me a bit.)

~Jan's DD

Anonymous said...

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