21 April 2008

Random Musings on a Tuesday

Admittedly, this batch of Random Musings is a little weak. And that's actually a good thing, because it means I haven't done anything REALLY stupid since the last batch of Random Musings, nor have I experienced really poor customer service or spotted any new crooked signs. But random is random, so we'll just have to go with it for today:

* I really like the concept of hail, as long as it doesn't dent the car or damage my plants. I like to scoop it up and put it in the freezer. But I would rather not have hail at 3:30 in the morning, as we did last night. I would call this pea-sized hail:

* Top on my list of pet peeves would be Internet outages. We've had two in the past week alone. Grrr...

* While I was getting a tooth filled recently, my dentist was talking to the dental assistant about purchasing a new piece of equipment for the office: The Easy Extractor. Hello? EASY Extractor? Only a dentist would think up such a name.

* DD's boyfriend was visiting recently and asked if we had a paper towel. Any guess as to what he had found? Yep, one of Tinsel's special little "Fecal Gifts". This is NOT the kind of gift one likes to give to a guest.

* Special note to Tinsel: OK, Tinsel, we understand that you are angry about Lily living here. Lily will not be going away anytime soon. She's your adopted sister, and we don't want you to kill her as she sleeps. Tinsel, you need to stop acting out your anger via your bowel movements. Mommy has tried numerous kinds of litter (well, MOMMY hasn't tried the litter, but she has purchased it for YOU to try), spread aluminum foil all over the floor, squirted neutralizing spray, purchased a new litter box, and given you extra attention. Still you choose not to use the box consistently. Mommy is frustrated. Your doctor recommends Kitty Prozac. Mommy will not medicate you, but if your behavior does not change, she may very well medicate herself.

* It occurred to me the other day that I like my coffee strong and my tea weak. Not sure what that means, if anything.

* I have ordered a large green shag rug for the family room. If it looks too much like grass, that could cause additional issues for Tinsel and I'll have to send it back.

* Last year I planted zinnias in front of my new wrought iron fence, but they weren't tall enough. Today, I found some "super giant" very tall zinnia seeds. They should grow 36 inches high. I bought six packages. I have no idea if that is enough for a 12 foot border.

* I watched a program on PBS about Alaska. I still want to see a moose in the wild, and it appears that if I go to Alaska I just might see one. The narrator said that a moose is actually the largest member of the deer family. I guess I should have noticed the family resemblance...

* For the past 14 years, DH and I have been talking about getting a piece (or pieces) of glass cut for the top of our dining room table. After 14 years of talking about it, I've finally got someone scheduled to measure it. Surely no one moves more slowly than us.

* I've decided that I pretty much don't like sheer ribbon. I mean I'll use it if I have to, or if it's just the right color, but much prefer solid ribbon. So there.

* I have way too much stuff. Just way too much. I don't need half of what is in this house. I feel burdened by stuff. Some serious offloading needs to occur. A garage sale is coming up. Hopefully someone will want some of this stuff.

* Cool words of the week:
Flotsam = floating debris, as from a ship wreck
Jetsam = cargo tossed overboard to lighten a load

* Cool LOLCAT thing of the week: LOLCAT Dictionary
This will be great for all of us who spend too much time translating LOLCAT captions.

* I swear I'm almost addicted to HGTV. If I had nothing else to do, I could watch decorating shows practically 'round the clock. You would think with as many decorating shows as I've seen that I'd stop making so many decorating errors. I'm obviously a slow learner.

* The name of the evil stair thingy machine at the fitness center is the Elliptical Machine. Try as I may, I cannot get the hang of that stupid thing. I refuse to even try anymore.

* Our friends at the Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL) are still trekking across America, finding typos and correcting them whenever possible. Follow the adventures of this brave crew on the TEAL blog.

* An earthquake of 5.2 magnitude hit the Midwest last week. Hundreds of people in our area reported feeling the tremor around 4:30 AM. Being sound asleep, I didn't feel it but strangely, Lily woke me up right around that time. I am now convinced that she felt the earthquake. She's now Lily, the Earthquake Sensing Cat.


Lida said...

Oh Tinsel is such a rebel!! And Lily is so helpful at least when it comes to earthquakes!! Love your ramblings!

Sabrina said...

I felt the earthquake! I was in a "scrapbook cottage" north of Nashville when everyone there woke up when it happened. Felt like I was laying on a bed in a moving train.

toners said...

Easy Extractor is definitely an oxymoron!!

Maureen said...

Hah! Love your musings...

Yeah, I love a hailstorm, but only if my car isn't damaged.

My aunt had a shag carpet in the 70s... and a "rug rake" for it too... not kidding.

And I wouldn't be surprised if Lily did wake you up during the quake; animals are so much more atuned to the environment than humans are.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

love your random musings! Hail...yikes! and I'd like to know if its "really" easy to use to easy extractor or if its for the person on the other end of that machine?

Heather said...

I love TEAL, I have too much stuff too (and get stressed out about it) and make all kinds of decorating errors!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I've always liked the words flotsam and jetsam too. :-)

You know what the vet had me try one time for my old cat Couscous (ok, his whole name was Couscous Suwannakoot, the last name being taken from a client at work) - anyway the vet said to let the cat only live in one of the smallest rooms in the house for an entire week or two, however long it was. A bigger sized bathroom is perfect. The vet said that this sort of re-trains the cat because they don't want to poop where they hang out & they're living in such a small area that everywhere EXCEPT the litter box is where they're hanging out. I don't really remember it actually working, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.