28 April 2008

Grow a Boyfriend: Day 1

I've just got to say that, as the parent of a teenage girl, "Grow a Boyfriend" has a certain level of appeal to me.

OK, Arnold (that's what I'm calling him) took the plunge this evening into a mixing bowl of water. If you read the fine print (I hadn't), you'll see that he can take up to 10 days to grow, so putting him in the sink was out of the question. Some astute blog readers also noticed that he will grow to 600% of his original size. Being somewhat (read: TOTALLY) math-impaired, I thought that sounded pretty big. Alas, Daughter corrected me: He'll only grow to 6 times his original size, so there is no need for panic.

Here is Arnold ready to dive:

And here he is after about 60 minutes under water. He is slimy, but he hasn't started to grow. I'm sure he's just warming up.

We'll photo document Arnold's growth over the next 10 days.
After all, Arnold cost $1, and we want to be sure we got our money's worth.


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Love it! Can't wait to watch him grow!

Linda said...

This is too funny! I'll be following his progress.

Connie said...

Go, Arnold! Go, Arnold!

Lida said...

Can´t wait to see how Arnold turns out, we are going to need comparison pictures and all so is really scientific.