15 April 2008

Dance Friends layout and challenge

I created this quick and easy layout loosely based on a "recipe" in the Designing with Recipes idea book. We're using this book for the monthly book club which meets at the store where I teach. Each month, our fearless leader Darci provides us with fun materials to incorporate into a project of our choosing. Our book club members are both creative and productive, so it's always fun and inspirational to see what they bring to share each time.

For this layout, I cut a sheet of white cardstock down to 11x11 and matted it on a full sheet of black. Our "kit" materials included Ki Memories fruit stripe paper and various Ki chipboard accents. Because I compulsively hoard anything Ki, I still have plenty left over to use on more layouts!

It can sometimes be challenging to find photos to match the paper or embellishments included in the kit, but in looking through the many boxes of photos I have yet to scrapbook, these pictures seemed to be the perfect match for the striped paper.

One more layout down...only 1,000 more to go before graduation in two years! :-)


Today's 2Peas Blogging Challenge is this: With the way the economy is today, have you started to cut back on your scrap shopping? If so, how?

I don't think I've cut back in my purchasing specifically because of the economy. I have cut back simply to use up the inventory I've accumulated. I'm not a huge shopper anyway, and compared to many people I know, I don't have a ton of supplies on hand. I'm also not a "trendy" kind of scrapbooker. I make simple pages that I *hope* will stand the test of time. A package of embellishments, or even a single sheet of patterned paper, lasts a LONG time at my house.

So I'm on a quest to use what I have while I still like the stuff. If I let supplies sit around for too many years, my taste will change and I won't want to use them. And whether I give it away or sell it at a garage sale, I'll never recoup my initial investment.

So for now, my purchases consist of mainly adhesive, cardstock, and an occasional tool or two. If I see something I absolutely LOVE and may not be able to find down the road, I'll buy it. But until I make a bigger dent in my inventory, this is my plan.

OK, at least until the next big trade show... :-)


:: gingerkitty :: said...

so do you like the Autumn Leaves book?

Lynn said...

Love the layout! The striped paper goes very well with dd's dance outfit. Great choice in photos.

I haven't been buying really either, but like you because I have stuff that I just want to use first.

Hope you have a great day!

Heather said...

This is really cute. I like how you stacked the letters in the title. I'll have to try that sometime...if I ever get around to scrapping again!

Linda said...

I really like your layout. How do you like the new AL book?

I also understand your tastes changing and not wanting to use your stash. When my mom was visiting I sent her home with a huge stack of pattern paper for her to share with my sister because I didn't like it anymore.

toners said...

Great plan for using your stash while you still like it! And the layout is great - love the pp :)

Lida said...

Awesome layout! And I´m the same way even the tiniest piece of cardstock is used here!

jp said...

GK and Linda- I do like the AL book. The sketches are good, and there are lots of interesting LO's. The recipe metaphor is a little weak, IMHO, but the book is good!

Lynn-Thx! That dance outfit was quite bright! Gosh, I've got a million dance photos to sb....as I'm sure you do wrestling pics!! LOL

Heather-Thx! I seem to be doing that lately with letters.Hope you get some sb'ing in soon!

Linda and Toni-Thx! It is true how our tastes change and something we once loved no longer works! It's like my family room chairs. Loved 'em once...now I can't stand 'em! :-)

Lida-Thx! We are frugal sb'ers, huh?! Supplies last FOREVER at my house! LOL

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Seriously cute layout! The paper goes great with the outfits!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

It's funny too, I meant to say on the changing tastes. I have some now that I'm like, "Really? I liked this?!?!?!?!?"