07 April 2008

Random Musings on a Monday (practically Tuesday)

It's a Monday, and it certainly feels like one. I started this post when I was in the procrastination mode this morning, and I'm just now getting back to it. I even procrastinated when writing this. Now THAT is a sad commentary.

Better late than never, I bring you my current list of random musings -- thoughts, ideas, and items of little or no interest that I've been thinking about lately....Or at least the ones I can actually remember. :-)

* I passed a local copy place over the weekend. The word "Typesetting" was in large letters across the front window, the letters going noticeably downhill to the right. I have issues with crooked signs in general, but to have that particular word be crooked was almost more than I could take.

* Posted on the door of that same local copy shop was a sign that read "No BCT", with a sad face. What the heck is that supposed to mean? Googling BCT brings up "Basic Combat Training", "Bangkok Community Theatre", and "Business Cards Tomorrow", among 1,000 other things. I'm really tempted to stop in sometime wearing camouflage and tell them I'm looking for the combat workshop, but I'm sure they wouldn't see the humor in that.

* If you throw away your car keys with your used paper towel after washing your hands, a good place to do it is a trash can in a church restroom.There's nothing really bad in a church restroom trash can. Theoretically speaking, of course.

* Speaking of driving, why is it a whole lot easier to open the hood of your SUV than to close it? You just pull a lever to pop it open, but you've got to go through an entire series of steps to close it. You might even have to get out your owner's manual. Theoretically speaking, of course.

* On the subject of vehicles, yesterday while out and about, I encountered the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile not once, but twice. I ask you: What are the odds of that? I first spotted it sitting (completely unattended) in a hotel parking lot. Later I found it at Super Target, parked in between a couple of vans. No fanfare, no media. Does someone just drive this thing around?

* Word of the week: Meh, which (according to the Urban Dictionary) is the verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders. How am I feeling on this Monday? Meh.

* LOLCAT speak of the week: nom, nom, nom, which indicates that the cat is munching on a tasty morsel of some sort. At our house, that might include kitty litter.

* Speaking of wonderful cats, one of our girls has decided not to use the litterbox. The vet has ruled out health issues, so we now know that Tinsel has a behavioral problem (obviously related to L-I-L-Y), and it's proving rather difficult to resolve. The vet suggested placing aluminum foil sheets on her "favorite" spots, but Lily decided to eat it. He also suggested trying different kinds of litter, but we've found that Lily eats some litter brands, too. We are now testing a litter which was recommended on several message boards, Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract. This litter has an herbal scent (apparently only cats can smell it), small particle size, and "ideal" texture. So far, so good. Tinsel is using it, and Lily isn't eating much of it. Nom, nom, nom.

* The Bridges of Madison County is still a really good movie. Stories about paths not chosen always make me cry.

* I seem to have been having some"Senior Moments" when it comes to the purchase of shredded cheese. While preparing dinner this evening, I asked DD to pull the cheese out of the fridge. She was somewhat alarmed to find multiple packages...more than she could hold. I'm not sure what has caused me to buy this much shredded cheese. We don't even eat that much of it.

Until now. Nom, nom, nom.


KarenSue said...

wonderful, love the pic of your daughter and the cheese!

so it could have been a statement when one of my kitties poo-ed on my pj's left on the bathroom floor...it did feel 'personal' at the time.

toners said...

Noym, noym, noym...is a sound often heard in our house :) With the occasional "hiss" if the dog approaches :) I love your random musings!

Lynn said...

Just love today's random musings.

Your dd is just beautiful and I love that photo. I could see that being used in a layout.

Hope you have a terrific day!

jp said...

Karensue-Thank you! Yes, your kitty may have been trying to tell you something! ;-) It's taken me a while to figure out that Tinsel is trying to tell me something, but I'm onto it now! LOL

Toni-Yep, we have the hissing, too, with a little head-smacking thrown in. LOL

Lynn-Thank you!;-)

Sarah C. said...

I'm practically in tears laughing while reading this post. Always love your musings. The expression of your DD holding the cheese is priceless. :D Not sure what the deal is w/ the wiener mobile. Reminds me of Tail O' The Pup in Hollywood. But that's another story. Hmmm...and you may have just inspired a layout.

Lida said...

LOL Amazing post you really make me laugh and make my boss wonder whats so funny, oh Lily and her litter munching, I had a meh monday too.

Linda said...

Love the photo of your dd, and I thought we had a lot of cheese in our house. Hope you figure out what Tinsel is trying to tell you soon.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Very funny picture on the shredded cheese - she certainly does look alarmed!!!!!

I would love to drive around the oscar meyer car...except I'm against hot dogs so I guess that wouldn't work.

I think the hood thing is to keep you from squishy-ing your head while you're checking the engine. Presumably you're going to have to remember to get your head out of the way before step seven...

Oooh I don't know about that church trash...yikes! I mean four year olds use the restroom by themselves on a daily basis in our synagogue restroom...I'm sure it was fine...yeah... :-) :-) :-)

QueenTracy said...

You know what? The only thing better than cheese is MORE CHEESE! LOL!