24 April 2008

Adorably You Layout and 2 Peas Challenge

Here's a layout I just completed for the LSS where I teach. This will be a take-home project for customers. For this layout, our store owner gave me Making Memories Glitter Letters and Jigsaw Chipboard Shapes to work with. I decided it would be fun to make a layout using my handy-dandy (and much loved) Marvy Giga Square Punch (2 1/8").

I printed nine wallet-sized photos of my two favorite kitties, punched them out, then punched enough cardstock to total 30 squares. After inking each square, I ran them through my Xyron and adhered them to the layout. Next to the title, I used one of the new Bazzill Just the Edge scalloped strips. I love the concept of these strips, by the way. It's sort of the same concept as the muffin tops you can get at Panera...someone figured out a way to make only the really good part.


Today's 2Peas Blogging Challenge is this: Name three things you'd like to donate to charity right now.

1. Two flowered upholstered chairs -- I'm trying to locate a family right now through our church who could use furniture. It's just a matter of time before the chairs go to a new home!

2. Miscellaneous kitchen and household items -- We're having a garage sale in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping to donate whatever does not sell to a local free store which helps battered women set up new homes.

3. Clothing -- I know from past experience that my old clothes will NOT sell at our garage sale. I'll donate them to our local clothes closet or Goodwill.


Sarah C. said...

Very pretty layout! Love the fun arrangement of letters for the title. And, of course, always love seeing photos of your adorable cats. :) You've reminded me - I need to dust off my big square punch. It's been a while since I used it. tfs!

Darcey said...

Cool layout! TFS!

KarenSue said...

cute layout!
I cannot do the elliptical machine also.

and I am with you about Tinsel's 'presents'...we have one who has started that.

jill said...

Great layout! My square punch is one of my most often used tools.

Lida said...

So cute and totally adorable kitties and layout, I need one of those punches!

toners said...

Oooh - I haven't seen those strips but will have to seek them out now :)

Great layout - love those square punches! And I answered your Copic question on my blog...hopefully it helps :)

Linda said...

Pretty layout, I like the colors. I haven't seen those strips yet, but I haven't been to the lss in over 3 months either.

Lynn said...

Awesome layout Janet. Just love those photos of your kitties. Great design.

jp said...

Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments!

KarenSue-Any ideas as to how to fix the litterbox issues? I'm desperate!

Toni-Thanks so much for the Copic info. I didn't have time to go to the art store yesterday but hope to soon.