03 April 2008

Random Happiness

Sarah C. posted a challenge to list 10 random things that make you happy. Here's my list, in no particular order:

1) The smell of coffee brewing while I'm still in bed
2) A cat (or two) sleeping on my lap
3) Watching DD participate in one of her many, many activities
4) A really good scone
5) Finishing a big project (and being happy with the results)
6) Striped paper
7) Listening to NPR, or just having it on in the background
8) Writing
9) Being inside someplace cozy on a rainy day
10) Friends who accept me "as is" -- quirks and all

If you happen to read this list, your assignment is to make your own list...and if you're a scrapbooker, scrapbook it!


toners said...

Janet - great list!! I will do this one tomorrow :)

KarenSue said...

whatta good idea to scrapbook it,
now to watch Lily's video.
you sure its because she's hungry, not just because she knows you will come running?

Sarah C. said...

:) Awesome list! I also enjoy a cat or two in my lap - but for a limited time. Too long and my feet get tingly! LOL