31 March 2008

Every Week Project: March

Today's post is an update on a project that I'll be continuing throughout 2008. Back in January, I posted about this little album that I actually created last year in a class taught by Danelle Johnson. I'm planning to blog about this project as the year progresses.

My initial plan was to add photos at the end of each month so that I could print four at one time and conserve photo paper. Well, that worked for January, but February slipped by me completely. So last week, I printed photos for February and March and added them to the book.

It really couldn't be easier...the pages are all ready. I just have to select a significant photo from each week, print, and add to the book. I have a packet of matching
paper and embellishments for this project, so it's easy to add a bit of trim. The journaling blocks are also prepared which makes it easy to write about each photo.

For the month of March, I added five photos, including this photo of shoes. Daughter's high school friends hung out at our house several times over spring break, and this was a common scene in our entry way.

I also added a photo of Daughter and some of
her show choir friends. March is a big show choir competition month, and it also marks the end of another show choir season. It's always a bittersweet time of year.

By the end of the year, I'll have 52 photos representing both little and big moments of 2008. I'm really looking forward to the prospect of having a completed album in December. Watch...I'll be finishing it up on New Year's Eve! :-)


Heather said...

What a great little project. I'm doing a little tag book for the year. one picture/tag a week. I love having these little projects to do.

toners said...

Great idea! Looking forward to seeing the progress :)