17 March 2008

Random musings because it's Monday

Since it's a Monday and there is nothing better than procrastinating on a Monday morning, let's have a bit of random musing to start off the week. If you're new to my random musings, this is simply a collection of often incredibly useless (but occasionally somewhat useful) thoughts or observations from recent days.

* It's generally not a good idea to fling open the dishwasher to add a plate whilst it is in full wash mode. Theoretically speaking, of course.

* I am all about eliminating spelling errors from signs....actually, from any printed material. Imagine my delight when I learned of TEAL: Typo Eradication Advancement League. Some like-minded folks are taking a road trip across America (even as we speak) in an effort to track down and eliminate typos. You can track their progress on the website. Man, if I were available through May, I'd be asking to go along. I'll be sure to take a picture of the "Turkey Leg's" sign at our state fair this summer. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

* Sometimes Tinsel gets cat hair in her nose and it makes her sneeze. It's almost like she's allergic to cats. Except she is one.

* I would still like to see a moose in the wild.

* Speaking of large, antlered animals, Caribou Coffee has pretty decent scones. Better than Panera.

* Speaking of Panera...I ordered a Greek salad there last week, minus the feta cheese and the onions. OK, some would say that if you lose the feta cheese, it's hardly worth calling a Greek salad, but I can't stand feta cheese. I actually order the Greek salads at Panera just for the Kalamata olives. I could eat my weight in Kalamata olives. Anyway, I get my salad and find that it is nothing but lettuce and dressing.

I gently inquire as to the whereabouts of the olives.

"Oh, we're out of them," says nice Panera manager.

OK, people. At some point, the already stripped-down Greek salad ceased to be a Greek salad. I think that happened at the point where we lost the olives. And at that point, the lowly customer should have been informed so she could have changed her order. Instead, she ended up paying for a Greek salad which consisted of lettuce and dressing. The dressing is good, but it's nothing without the olives. Grrrr....

* It doesn't matter how long you sit at a stop sign...it will never turn green. (If you happen to be one of the teenagers present in a certain SUV on that day, please keep your appropriately snide comments to yourself. JK, of course. Bring 'em on!!)

* Grapefruit juice is really good. I like it a lot. I'm drinking a lot of it. But even better is Sobe Lean, which you can only find at a couple of restaurants around here. It's diet cranberry grapefruit juice. YUM.

* If you're not already sitting down, perhaps you should do so before reading this: Spouse and I have joined a fitness club. Never before have I done anything like this. (I was the girl in elementary school who no one wanted on their team. I was the one the coach called "physically unfit".) So I have spent the last two evenings familiarizing myself with various Machines of Torture which are designed to manipulate muscles that I didn't know I have and am pretty sure I do not need. The good thing is that some of the Machines of Torture have televisions attached. The bad thing is that they don't have HGTV. Upon discovering this, I felt a profound sense of "bait and switch". Moreover, I had to purchase "workout pants" because my friends told me (in no uncertain terms) that I could not wear my sock monkey jammies to the fitness club. No HGTV? No sock monkey jammies? What kind of place is this, anyway???

* Our tap water has started tasting awful lately. Spouse talked to someone at the water department who said they are adding loads of chlorine to combat chemical run-off, something they frequently do in late winter. Nice. A couple of years ago this month, I lost an entire tank of tropical fish. At the time, I was sure something had changed in the water, but no one at the water department would confirm it. Now I know. I'm so sorry to have annihilated you, little fishies.

* Give me a bookstore, a rainy day, a blueberry scone in a paper bag, and a caramel latte, and I'd be totally happy. Seattle, here I come.

* While waiting for a table at Applebee's, you might be holding one of those little light-up buzzers. When the buzzer goes off to signal your table is ready... 1) Do not scream and 2) Do not attempt to answer it like your cell phone. Again, these are just tips. Purely theoretical, ya know.


Anonymous said...

LMAO! Your entry totally made me laugh. Happy Monday!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Too funny on the light up thing at Applebees! And the TEAL - funny blog! Sorry about your salad. :-(

And who wouldn't be happy with the caramel latte and blueberry scone????? My goodness, the other stuff is almost superfluous!

Lynn said...

Great blog entry today Janet! Love the TEAL group. Very funny.

Hope the sun comes out to grace you today. I hate dreary Monday's also.

Have a great St. Patty's Day!

Heather said...

Love it! Especially sock monkey jammies and hgtv. And I totally agree. Both should be acceptable and expected at a fitness club! I've also passed on the TEAL site to a girlfriend who makes sure I keep my blog free of typos!

Anonymous said...

thank you for putting in the stop sign one. and whilst I would usually come up with some snide remark I am far to lazy and feel that by adding it to your blog that has done justice enough to it.

Sarah C. said...

I always enjoy your musings! Love grapefruit juice. Definitely going to check out the TEAL site. And, shame on your gym for not having HGTV!

toners said...

Love your random Monday musings! And I want to join TEAL!! I would make it my mission to correct all the "strawberry's for sale" signs :)

Cheri said...

Janet, the moose problem is solved...just stop off in Wyoming on your way through to Seattle!:)

I think I might have stopped at one of those special stop signs once in the past too.

In fact, speaking of stopping, my Spouse said tonight, "uh, the light is green"...and so it was, but just then as he said that, a guy almost ran the red light...huh, good thing I was spacing off and not going. I don't think he went far enough into the intersection to have hit us, but I might have died of a heart attack!

Maybe the TEAL group can finally do away with those silly deer signs with the antlers pointed backward...

And finally, I personally see nothing wrong with sock monkey pajamas and HGTV at the gym! Can I come wearing my snow globe jammie pants? We can start a new trend together, lol.

jill said...

Love your random musings :)

Anonymous said...

I feel that I should belong to that TEAL group, too! I HATE it when signs use an inappropriate aposthrophe. I asked a sign-maker once why this is so common and he said it brings your eye to the word. Sure it does, I think to myself, because it's spelled wrong and I wonder what idiot did not get out of elementary shcool without learning that punctuation gem. You should read "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves". It is all about the punctuation challenged.