04 December 2006

Santa's New Elf

Santa’s been busy this holiday season;
He’s worried he’ll miss Christmas Eve.
“I need a new elf,” he told Mrs. Claus.
“Someone with fur, I believe.

I need this new elf to check all the trees.
They need to be sturdy and tall.
Test all the ornaments, be sure they’re hanging,
And see if they roll when they fall.

Inspect all the bows to see that they’re taut
Pull on their tails to be sure.
Sample the frosting on each sugar cookie;
Make sure the vanilla is pure.

Test all the wrapping; confirm that it's tight;
Open one corner to see.
Pull on the ribbons; remove all the bows
Then quickly report back to me.”

“Where will you find such a furry young elf?
There’s no one like that around here.”
Mrs. Claus had her doubts a new elf could be found
Especially late in the year.

“I’ve already found her!” exclaimed Santa Claus
“She’s gray and white striped with some tan.
She’s limber and nimble and fearless, I say,
And purr-fectly fits with my plan.

I shipped her the elf suit; it fits her just fine!
She’s already training herself,
Climbing the trees and checking the bows.
She will be a very fine elf.”

So if, at your house this holiday season,
Your tree falls and ornaments break,
If bows appear chewed and your wrapping is torn
And nibbles surround your fruitcake...

Don’t think you are crazy or losing your mind.
Don’t think that your worries are silly.
You’ve been paid a visit by Santa’s new elf:
A curious kitten named Lily.
Dedicated to Lily, December, 2006


Sofia said...

Bwhahahaha! Your post made my day! Love the elf outfit.

Sharon said...

I will be on the look out for Santa's newest elf. She may be just what Santa needs to go up and down the chimneys this year.