01 December 2006

Feline Friday: My 100th Post!

I've been blogging for a few months now and today marks my 100th post! Now that's something to get excited about!
Please forgive the run-on text. Blogger will not let me split text into paragraphs. This has been happening a lot lately.

Today's 2Peas blog challenge is this: List 5 things you enjoyed today. Since it's Feline Friday around here, I'll first name 5 feline-related things, some of which I actually enjoyed yesterday:

1) Wrapping both kitties in blankets. It's really cold here today! (This is what Lily looks like when we really wrap her up tightly. She looks happy, don't you think?)
2) Seeing Lily sleeping first under the small Christmas tree, then later under the large Christmas tree. Very sweet and peaceful, but quite deceptive, really. (See previous post.)
3) Watching Tinsel imitate some of Lily's behaviors, like standing on her back legs meowing at the fridge. Tinsel has never done this kind of thing before.
4) Seeing Lily's tongue sticking out as she was sleeping today...just the tiniest tip of pink.
5) Noticing Lily, reclined on her back in front of the TV, watching the news.
Here are 5 other things (not cat-related) that I enjoyed (or plan to enjoy) today:
1) The new roof that we're getting today. Right now, in fact. In spite of the noise, it's going to be a very good thing.
2) Remembering to get the coffee pot ready last night so this morning, all I had to do was push the button.
3) Working at the elementary school library. Always plenty to keep me busy there. Lots of crawling around on the floor shelving books, checking books in and checking books out. (See my previous post, Library Day, for more about that.)
4) Making labels for the CD holders that hold my acrylic stamps. Love the way they're all organized in alphabetical order now.
5) Mini bagels, hot from the toaster, with butter. Yum.
These are good lists: more reminders that I have a lot of good stuff in my life. So no whining allowed.


Sofia said...

LOL! Great picture! :-)

I love it when cats stick their tongues out. Cracks me up.

Sharon said...

Way to go, Janet. I'm impressed with your 100 posts to the blog. I've enjoyed every one of them.
5 things that I have enjoyed today:
1.fitness-perks me up and makes me feel good all over
2. red grapes-they were delish!
3. completing the laundry-yea!
4. sorting the Christmas presents to see what I have left to buy
5. sipping hot chocolate and listening to new Christmas CD