06 December 2006

Things That Make Me Crazy: Part 3

Today's post is the third installment of my running list of things that make me crazy. (If you haven't seen the previous posts by the same name, just keep in mind that I mean this all in fun. I'm not whining. REALLY. Because that also makes me crazy.) I try to keep track of these things as they occur to me, then I continually lose my list. (That, too, makes me crazy. But I'm not putting it on the list.) So here we go:

1) Signs and printed materials with spelling or grammatical errors. I'm not talking about scrapbook pages and such, but professionally printed materials that somehow get through the process without the mistake being detected. For example: We see this sign nailed to a tree by the turkey grill every year at the state fair: "Turkey Leg's". And here's another one: My daughter is in the Nutcracker production this year. The printed brochure, beautifully produced, reads "Nutracker". It was even on Jay Leno's "Headlines" segment. Believe me, I make my share of mistakes, but if I were creating a sign or a professional brochure, you'd better believe I'd proof it a zillion times. People! This makes me crazy!

2) Smudges on my glasses. Have I listed this before? Even if I have, it's worthy of mention again. Can't stand spots on my glasses even a little bit. Especially smears. Good thing that DH is an optometrist. We have an ample supply of lens cloths around the house. (Of course, I can never find one when I need it. That, too, makes me crazy.)

3) Complaints of boredom. This one really gets me. Having a teenager in the house, I hear this with some frequency and I must say that I have no tolerance for it. With all the things one can do with one's time (read, create, write...the list goes on), I just have a hard time understanding the whole idea of boredom. For me, the opposite problem exists: There is never enough time in the day to do all the things I'd like to do. Complaints of boredom really make me crazy.

4) Incomplete projects. I have many projects in various stages of completion. I plan to finish most of them but lack the time, for the most part. Recently I went into a Fit of Project Completion and actually finished up two or three. Seriously, this is a real issue for me. I have one project that's been pending completion since COLLEGE. (Yes, there's a story there.) Every once in awhile (but apparently not frequently enough) these incomplete projects make me crazy.

5) Pencil erasers that get hard. Do you know what I mean? You make a mistake and find that the eraser has hardened and does nothing except smudge the paper. Some pencil brands seem to be more prone to this than others. I'm sure there is some kind of chemical reason this happens to rubber over time. Whatever the reason, if my job were making pencils, you'd better believe they'd have good erasers (refer to #1 on this list). Hard erasers kind of make me crazy, especially if I'm in a hurry.

So that's it for today. Now I can start on the list for Part 4. In fact, I just said to myself last night, "Self, there's ANOTHER thing that needs to go on The List."

Now, if only I could remember what it was. Forgetting stuff makes me crazy.


Sofia said...

1) When I was in high school we had history books titled "History of the UNTIED States".

2) That drives me nuts too! I always carry lens wipes in my purse and I'm a little obsessed about cleaning my glasses.

Penny said...

I'm totally with you on all these. Especially #1. The apostrophe s to show plural drives me nuts!

Connie said...

Janet, you and I are SOOO much alike! Numbers 1 and 2 drive me crazy, too. Thanks for making me laugh.