28 December 2006

Gift Card Holder

Edited 1/25/07 to add: These tins are available at craft stores. They are the size of band-aid tins but are white in color. Most come with handles, I believe.

Ugh. Is it Monday? Even after good coffee with Creme Brulee this morning, I'm still having a hard time getting into the swing of things. Post-holiday blahs, maybe? And the fact that Blogger isn't allowing me to split my text into paragraphs is not helping my outlook this morning.

To ease back into the blogging thing, I'm posting a photo (albeit blurry) of a gift card holder I made for DD for Christmas. When we gave it to her, it contained a couple of gift cards for her favorite stores, but she has added several more that she received from other people. It has proven to be a handy place to store the cards until she is ready to use them.
These band-aid tins take very little time to create. For this one, I used Ki Memories paper and stickers, QK flowers, buttons, rub-ons by Gin-X, a ball chain (from Hobby Lobby) and a bit of ribbon. I'm anxious to use ball chains on other projects. It's a fun and easy way to add a few tags and doo-dads.
So here's to post-Christmas blogging and getting my mojo back. Soon, please.


EquineSpirit said...

That's a beautiful gift card holder! Good job! Great post too!

Noelia said...

Your altered tin looks so beautiful! What a great gift idea.

Jan said...

That is very cute!!!

darci said...


That is adorable. I wish I had thought of that one myself. LOVE that KI paper!!!!


Christina said...

What a cute idea!

Michele said...

Is that tin really a band aid tin or did you find a small white tin at one of the craft stores? I love the handle too. Very neat idea and beautiful work too.