08 December 2006

Cute Tin for Mini-Albums OR Things to Buy Instead of Christmas Presents

I REALLY don't like Christmas shopping. Actually, I don't like any kind of shopping. Christmas shopping is the hardest, though. I never know what to buy, and I know not everyone wants the stuff I make. So I procrastinate every year. It's amazing the things I can find to do INSTEAD of shop for or make gifts.

Like this: I found this little tin in the floral container aisle at Michaels this week. I bought two of them to corral my completed mini-albums. I never know where to put all of those, and this keeps them contained. The tin is approximately 9" long and 4.25" high. It is made from galvanized metal and has a clear plastic liner. Not that mini-albums need a liner, but hey, one never knows.

I think the tin would be really cute tied with ribbon. If I actually had decor in my scrapbooking area, I might do that. For now, it's just going to be plain metal, since that matches my wire shelves.

So there. Another day of Christmas shopping avoided. Nicely done, I say!

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