14 December 2006

Altered Caribou Hoof Mint Tin

The name of my blog suggests that I would occasionally post about cardstock. Because I've been negligent about that (and I'm starting to feel like I appear to be one of those crazy "cat ladies"), I'm posting a project I created a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps I can regain a bit of balance by blogging about my altered Caribou Hoof Mints tin.

I made this little tin for the monthly meeting of our book club at the store where I teach. This quarter we've been using the idea book, Can-Do Techniques, as a very loose basis for projects. Each month we receive a set of materials and can choose to incorporate a technique or concept from the book.

I've had this tin on my scrapbooking table for a few weeks, now that DH finally remembered to save one for me. I wrapped the side of the tin with a ribbon and tied it in place. I covered the top, bottom, and insides of the tin with patterned paper and cardstock. For the inside, I cut small cards to use as journaling prompts for special Christmas memories. I used rub-on stitches and words on the front of each card. Photos could also be added to the cards.
The idea is that DH and DD will write about some of their favorite things this holiday season. (Side note: What are the odds of that actually happening? Very slim, I'd say.)

Oh, a word about the Hoof Mints: They are quite powerful. Put only one in your mouth at once. DO NOT toss five or six into your cake hole at the same time in a wild rush to empty the tin. Trust me on that.

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