03 December 2006

One Tree Down

We came home from church this morning to find that Lily had upset the 5-foot Christmas tree in the dining room.

This is the tree that normally holds the vintage mercury-glass ornaments that used to belong to my grandma. Something told me that this year, those precious ornaments needed to stay packed away. Glad I listened to that little voice. All I had to do in this case was put the tree upright and fix the lights, bead garland, and tree skirt. Nothing was broken. It could have been much, much worse.

In other holiday decor news, the big tree is still standing, but Lily is working on the large velvet bows that are attached to the garland on our banister. She's figuring out how to completely dismantle them; she has pulled one totally apart and has others in process. I may remove them to prevent complete destruction.

So I'm in a dilemma as to how much decorating to do. I still have four more trees to put up, but those are smaller and would be even easier for Miss Lily to conquer. The porcelain nativity scene may stay in the box this year. I can imagine Lily pushing the baby Jesus across the floor. I can also imagine her wrestling with my stuffed snowmen and toy soldiers. Those also look pretty good packed away right now. So far, she hasn't made the leap to my Dickens Village, and I certainly hope she doesn't get the desire to do that.

Monday morning update: Lily has been extracted from the same tree three times. One time she was actually IN the tree, reclining on the lower limbs.

How many days 'til Christmas?

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Noelia said...

You're right, it could've been much much worse!
I hope kitty is alright.