10 October 2006

Where's Lily?

It would appear that the kitten also known as The Toilet Paper Bandit has moved on to other paper products.

Crime Number One: Suspect jumps onto the kitchen table (obviously off-limits).

This is always followed by Crime Number Two: Suspect digs frantically to the bottom of the napkin basket, then eats the corners off as many napkins as possible before she is discovered by camera-wielding homeowner.

Outcome: Suspect is sent immediately into kitty-confinement (the bathroom) where she assumes a way-too-cute-to-be-mad-at-her pose. Meanwhile, homeowner just laughs and throws away all the chewed napkins, wipes down the table, and mentally plans the very cute scrapbook page that will document today's crime.


Kristy said...

She is a cutie!!

Lynn said...

I am not a big cat lover, but boy do I look forward to the days when you blog about Lily! She is the cutest. She is always getting into something.

Sofia said...

I love it when you share what Lily is up to. She is just too cute. Love the pictures. :-)

Maureen said...

Our Dakotah cat is a paper muncher too...the other day I wish I had a camera. She had toilet paper locked firmly in her mouth as she darted around the bathroom... trailing the ever-expanding trail of paper between her legs behind her!

Sharon said...

Lily has good taste. She picked napkins in THE Longaberger basket.