16 October 2006

Blog Challenge: What Gets You Through a Monday?

Today's blog challenge on 2Peas is this: What gets you through a Monday? I've been thinking about this one today as I got through my Monday. Hmmm...

* Ease into it. Keep the lights dimmed until eyes open fully.

* Make a large pot of coffee. Pour lots of Creme Brulee creamer into my mug, then fill with 100% Columbian, preferably Seattle's Best, if we have it. It may sound weird, but I know when I have enough creamer in my coffee when it turns the caramel color of my beloved (now deceased) kitty, Damien. Morning coffee is especially good in my white ceramic Intervale Pancake House mug. I've never been there but I sure like the mug. It just makes me feel cozy.

* Work in a daily dose of internet browsing, notably 2Peas, a few blogs, and NPR.

* Open eyes fully now.

* Check and answer e-mails.

* Refill that coffee. More Creme Brulee, thank you.

* Get organized using my handy-dandy altered Franklin planner. Update the old to-do list. Check off a few things. Write down a few things just so I can check them off.

* Get started on that list.

That's what gets me through a Monday, or any other morning for that matter.

1 comment:

Robin said...

Hi Janet! I'll have to try this!

Have a great day!