30 October 2006

Right Now: Video Catnip

Here's what's going on right now at our house: a little Video Catnip action. This is actually Tinsel's DVD of birds and squirrels, and this morning Lily is watching it with Tinsel for the first time. Lily is enthralled. Tinsel is only feigning interest.

On another note, I converted to the new version of Blogger last evening, and it's working much better. Much faster loading of photos, much easier edits (without having to get into the HTML code), and new options for format. Each post can be categorized, which makes it possible to sort posts by subject just by clicking on the category. And I didn't lose any formatting or content in the conversion, which is a real plus.

I'm happy with Blogger Beta; the kitties are happy with Video Catnip. It's a good day.


Sharon said...

What's new, Pussycat? Do you remember that song? I just heard it on the radio this morning, came to the blog and there is Tinsel and Lily. They should look outside today as the birds are on the move. Lots of action in our backyard.

Sofia said...

Awww Love your pictures. So cute. :-)

I've been trying to decide whether or not to switch to the other version. Thanks for info.

Wife2TJ said...

I LOVE looking at your kitty pictures. They are too cute!!!