13 October 2006

Feline Friday

Today's advice: Don't play with disposable razors. The house is full of all kinds of soft and furry toys, perfect for feline playtime. The toys are in your toy box, fully within your reach. You know exactly where they are.

Do not -- I repeat -- do NOT keep stealing disposable razors from our shower. Do not run through the house carrying them in your mouth. Do not bring them to your mama in the middle of the night. Do not squirrel them away under the bed. Do not take them into the dining room. Disposable razors are very sharp (actually, razor sharp) and will hurt your sweet little mouth and paws.

Lily, when choosing a toy for playtime, please choose wisely.
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Sharon said...

Mom and Dad and Bailey have to child proof or in this case, kitty proof the house. Lily, do NOT play with sharp things. I do not want to read about an accident. Stay safe.

Debbi said...

I will definately be checking in on your blog often to keep up with the adventures of Lily. Thanks so much for making me smile this morning. Have a safe & wonderful weekend Lily!!

Sofia said...

LOL :-) Have you had the "don't play with matches" talk yet?

Anonymous said...

Awww - I hope she didn't get hurt. I have had to "cat-proof" my home for my 2 furry felines as well.