18 October 2006

Today's Advice: Limit Screen Time

Lily is allowed a limited amount of screen time (to include TV and computer) each week. I'm trying to teach her that there are many more productive ways to spend her time, such as playing with her toys or watching birds outside the window.

But occasionally both Lily and Tinsel enjoy a good dog show on Animal Planet. Tinsel also likes Video Catnip, Meerkat Manor and Finding Nemo, which she has watched in its entirety.

I think I've figured out why we occasionally find the remote control hidden under the couch cushions.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Tinsel, I like Nemo also. I've watched it many, many times with my grandbabies. It is a favorite of theirs. Maybe we should start a Nemo Fan Club. Talk it over with Lily and get back to me,Tinsel.