05 October 2006

Where's Lily?

Today I'm starting a new, occasional feature on my blog called "Where's Lily?" This is only very loosely based on the Where's Waldo? book series (ok, I'm really just using the title).

For today's feature, I'm posting two photos taken this past week. Both involve open doors, something wet, and the potential for great danger. Of course, I was standing right there, camera in hand, so there was no possibility she'd be shut inside either the dishwasher or the dryer, but you'd better believe we are constantly watching for that! Oh, and just so you don't think that my house is totally unsanitary, she jumped in the dishwasher when I was loading dinner dishes, not unloading clean ones. I think (actually, I KNOW) she was looking for bits of food.

In addition to these two sightings, there was actually a third incident of "Where's Lily" this past week (and you'll be glad I have no photos of it) when DH stepped into the shower (can't see a thing without his glasses), turned on the water, and felt something warm and furry bolt out the shower door. I was down the hall working on the computer when Lily came running in, her head soaking wet. I just knew there was a story there, but she wasn't talking.

Every day brings a new adventure with Lily in the house. Makes one wonder where the next edition of "Where's Lily?" will take us.

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Sofia said...

LOL Loved your post and those pics are priceless! I've forgotten how fun it can be to have a kitten. Our cats are just old and lazy and sleep most of the day.