25 October 2006

Home from the Hospital

Lily is now home from the vet's and made it through her spaying surgery just fine. Thank you to all of you who said a little prayer for her! I was a basket-case when I dropped her off at the vet yesterday and have been worried sick since then. Worry is what I do best.

When I went to pick her up this morning, I fully expected the staff at the vet's office to tell me how sweet she is and how much they'd enjoyed having her. But NO! They told me she had done nothing but hiss and growl since she arrived, to the point that they were leery of handling her! Of course, I did not believe this report one bit.

"Why, I've never heard her hiss," said I to the staff. At that point, Lily was brought to the lobby in her carrier. Coming from inside it was surely the most fierce, gutteral growling and hissing that I've ever heard. This most unseemly behavior continued all the way home until I let her out of her carrier. Then the hissing stopped and the purring began. Then the eating. Then the playing. Then the running and jumping, to my surprise. Now the sleeping.

You can see her incision area in some of these photos. It would appear that she has some swelling, but in fact that is just fat. She probably could have used a tummy tuck, but we opted for nail trimming instead. I asked the vet to check the little spots she has on her chin. Feline acne, as I suspected. The treatment? Stridex Medicated Acne Pads.

We'll tackle that another day. For now, we're just happy she's home. Posted by Picasa


Sofia said...

Glad to hear Lily is back home and doing well. :-)

Feline acne? Really? I've never heard of it before.

Sharon said...

Happy to hear that Lily is home and doing well. Acne in a kitty??
Ah, the vet and the staff never liked to see my kitty, Lucky. She would growl and hiss something terrible. The only time she did that was at the vet's office. She also tried to scratch until she was de-clawed. After that she would try to bite them.

Wife2TJ said...

Glad she did well. She's a cute girl! Working at a vet I can tell ya an animal can act completely different without mom and dad around. Poor animals are probably just scared. So glad she is home and doing well.