27 October 2006

Happy Feline Friday!

Today's post is in celebration of Tinsel, our brown and black tabby cat, shown here in the LitterMaid automatic pooper-scooper she received from her grandparents last Christmas. Although she doesn't get as much air time on my blog as Lily, Tinsel is every bit as special in her own way:

* Tinsel answers to many names, such as Morsel, Stencil, Gristle, and Pencil.
* Tinsel stands on your foot if she is hungry.
* If I sit on the couch with our state fair throw over me for even 3 seconds, Tinsel immediately jumps on my lap. But if the state fair throw is upside down with the pictures not showing, she looks at me suspiciously and walks on by.
* Tinsel will not eat any kind of cheese except the expensive smoked, aged cheese we special order from a farm in Vermont.
* Tinsel is scared of the doorbell.
* Tinsel will allow you to pet her only if you approach her from the back.
* When we first got her, Tinsel threw up at least 7 times a day. This was a big problem. After numerous, very expensive medical tests, she quit. We never figured out what the problem was.
* Tinsel will eat as many garlic chives as you'll let her, when she's out on her leash near our garden. It's best not to let her have her fill (see above).
* While visiting my parents a few years ago, Tinsel got her head caught in the handle of a plastic grocery bag and ran through the house with the bag flying out behind her, Superman-style. When we finally caught her to remove the bag, she was terrified. Since that day, she won't go near my mom.
* Tinsel's best feature is definitely her coat. She would never win a prize for her sometimes grouchy personality or her somewhat bulging physique, but her fur is beautifully ticked, glossy, and especially plush during the winter.

Today I'm celebrating all things Tinsel! I love having her here with us.


Sharon said...

You are a special cat, Tinsel. Our dog Snoopy would ring the doorbell if we put him outside when there was company in the house.

Ingrid said...

Awww, what a wonderful tribute to your kitty Tinsel. Too funny about how she won't jump on your lap if the throw is picture-side down!