31 January 2014

Feline Friday: Mi Bisee Dai!

Hi, its Lily!!! 
Mi mommeh is letteen me rite dis blaug post todai. Im sorrie if i haz typos. i do not haz thums.

Todai i want to shair all about a dai in mi lyfe! Contrarie to populair beleefs, i haz a verie busie lyfe! As u will see, i am in charge of lotz of thingz!

Furst i wake up earlie so i can get mommeh up. She lieks to wake up at 3:30 in da morning so she can feed me!!!

 Den it is tyme to go to wurk! I liek to sit on da desk whyle mommie wurks on da computor. Sometymes I dress up to go to wurk but mostlie I don't ware cloz. But 
don't worrie, Mommie wares cloz.

After wurk it is tyme to rest. I liek to slepe in dis sunnie spot every dai for mi napp!

Den it iz tyme to do laundrie!! Do not wurrie...mi mommeh maed mee git out rite after she taked dis pictur!!

Den it iz tyme to dri da laundrie. I liek to do dis wif my tung. I lick all of da t-shurts!

 Den mommie sez dat we haz to do laundrie all ozer again!!!

I also liek to tri out da warm towelz!

Den mommie sez dat we haz to do laundrie again!!! Wee do a lot of laundries at our howse!!
 Sumtymes I do crafs. I speshellie liek nitteen.

  At da end of mi bisie dai, i am verie tired! Goodnite!

Wryte bak!!!
Luv, Lily


Maureen said...

Ha Ha! Oh Lily, you ARE a busy cat! So many laundries to do.... ;)

But then there are more warm towels to snuggle up in!

Janet said...

Yes...it's a rough life! :) Thanks for stopping by, Maureen! (Lily was too busy to respond to your comment!)

Kathy M said...

Dear Lilly,
It was so good of you to take time out of your bisee dai to chat with us. I love to follow your comings and goings as reported my your mom, but so enjoyed hearing from you in purrson. Please grace us with more visits.
a big fan-

KrissyB said...

This made me chuckle out loud. I know exactly what it's like to have a cat that needs to "help" you around the house and then is SO tired at the end of the day. Spoiled but loved!

Kimberly Marie said...

What an adorable post! I loved hearing about your day, Lily. I have a kitty who is just as cute and inquisitive as you are!

Kristina said...

Thanks for the update Lily! I like how you spend your days.