17 January 2014

Feline Friday: Give Us Ice Cream!

 We rarely have ice cream in the house, and for good reason. You can't enjoy a bowl without being mobbed by Lily and Tinsel!

It doesn't matter how quiet you are or where you try to hide, these co-conspirators can detect ice cream even in the deepest of cat naps! They will track you down in tandem and demand a bite!

 Lily leads the charge to the ice cream bowl, but Tinsel is never far behind. She knows that if Lily gets a taste (and she always does), hers will follow.
It's a strategy that seems to work every time! :)


Maureen said...

Ha! Too cute Janet! Mine do the same when I sneakily (and unsuccessfully) try to eat yogurt.... I am surrounded in seconds. How the heck do they KNOW????

Janet said...

Their powers of detection are AMAZING, aren't they??? LOL