13 January 2014

Album: Summer Camp (Part 1)

 Winter break is officially over now and Bailey is back at school. What a great time we had with her home! I feel especially lucky because she spent a considerable amount of time in my craft room while she was home working on a scrapbook of her summer as a counselor at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

Even the weather cooperated, giving us several very cold snow days -- too cold to do anything except work on the scrapbook! There is nothing better than a snowy day in the craft room -- except a rainy day, of course.

 In spite of the fact that I have a table, Bailey spent quite a bit of time on the floor. Can't fault her for that, as I like to work on the floor, too. At least now I have a hard surface floor rather than carpet!

 We started planning this album project over Thanksgiving break, purchasing a 3-ring binder and page protectors at Memory Bound.

 We waited until winter break to edit and print photos, which proved somewhat frustrating due to print quality issues. Then Bailey spent a lot of time determining how to sort and group the photos within her album, finally dividing them into several broad categories. Although the two of us are very different, I definitely saw some of my own traits in the way she organized this project! :)
Bailey used several configurations of the We R Memory Keepers divided page protectors, enabling her to scrapbook her favorite photos and slip the others into the sleeves. She picked out a few SN@P inserts to add color and interest on those pages.

I had hoped to help her a little bit with the scrapbook, but my role was mainly consultative. This girl knows how to scrapbook! I've raised her well! :)

 Bailey wanted to include a lot of memorabilia in her album so we looked for creative ways to incorporate it onto her pages.

We copied artwork at Memory Bound onto acid-free paper so it could be used as page backgrounds.
Before my eyes, her album started to take shape!

What a treat it was to get to spend so much quality time with Bailey while she worked on this big project! Watch for more pictures of her completed album in an upcoming post!

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