21 August 2013

Summer Ends...Fall Begins!

 The summer has gone incredibly quickly. No different than usual, I suppose, but these days it really does seem like time is a freight train barreling down the track. 

Bailey has wrapped up her summer as a counselor at Blue Lake Fine Arts camp and had an incredibly wonderful experience. I was lucky to get to visit her for a couple of days. It's a beautiful place and I could tell that special things happen there.

She worked with college students from all across the country and made friends to last a lifetime. She gained great experience guiding middle school and high school girls. And she rode her bike over three miles each day on gravel pathways and only crashed twice! :)

We're all so glad she had this amazing opportunity!
 Now fall begins, and it's time to go back to Indiana University for the start of her first senior year. (Yes, there will be a "super senior" year after this!) Somehow all of this stuff has to fit into the back of my not-too-big SUV. We are meeting her at IU for the big move-in event!

Somewhere in there is a new recipe binder I've been compiling for her this summer. Nom, nom, nom...

Her percussion equipment is in that pile, too!

Oh, and there's a cat! No, Lily can't go this time!

Summer's done...let a new season begin!

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