23 August 2013

Feline Friday: Mine!

Many kitties have little habits which come and go, but Tinsel's routines are the same day in and day out. Anytime I'm putting on my make-up or doing my hair, she's right there on the counter or rolling around on the bathroom floor keeping me company. I blogged about this endearing little routine a couple of years ago.

Until recently, Lily had been completely oblivious to the special time which Tinsel and I share every day. When she noticed that Tinsel was getting a lot of attention, Lily decided that she'd put a stop to it! 

Lily sauntered into the bathroom during Tinsel's "girl time", and flopped down on the floor...in Tinsel's personal space!

 She batted at Tinsel, aggravating her until...

  ...Tinsel stormed away, rightfully angry!

 Once Tinsel left, Lily stayed for a minute or two and then went off to do something else. She didn't really want any "girl time"...she just didn't want Tinsel to have any!
These girls are worse than...well...girls!!! :)

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