30 August 2013

Feline Friday: The Stalker

  Lily spends each day pursuing one goal: GET NOMS. Any avenue is acceptable: Breaking into the pantry cupboard, whining at the dinner table, and especially stealing Tinsel's food.

Because she's skittish by nature, poor Tinsel is an easy target. Let's take a look at Lily in STEALTH Stalker Mode.
In this first picture, we see Lily in Modified Meatloaf position (paws out, not tucked) on the back of the chair. She knows that Tinsel eats on the floor below that chair and positions herself there well in advance of dinner time.

Enter Tinsel. Yes, her food dish is elevated on a box lid, by request. :) She is especially hungry on this occasion, making her completely oblivious to The Stalker watching her from above.

Tinsel continues to eat, pausing to look around for Lily as she has sadly learned to do. Looks right -- no Lily. Looks left -- no Lily. Okay, the coast is clear! Continue NOMS....

Had Tinsel looked up, this is what she would have seen: The Stalker waiting for the purr-fect opportunity!

But Tinsel continues to enjoy her delicious NOMS...

Finally The Stalker can wait no longer and makes her move. She jumps down and Tinsel runs away, leaving the food dish open and fair game!

Well, until Mama took it away!
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