08 August 2013

Bringing the Outside In

 It's August and my flower gardens are looking a little neglected. I've fallen behind in my weeding, some plants are overgrown, and others are struggling. Yet in spite of the problems OUTSIDE, I still have plenty of flowers to bring INSIDE, and that's one of my favorite parts of gardening. I LOVE making bouquets. And while I enjoy flower arrangements from the florist, there's something very special about picking your own flowers!

A couple of days ago I went outside with my scissors and clipped a few blooms.

Of course, Lily had to smell them all. Inspection is an important part of the process!

Since I had plenty of blooms this time, I grabbed a few vases to fill, along with small bowl for the dahlia because the stem had broken. Now I have colorful flowers in several rooms around the house!

I especially like this one which reminds me of my parents. I used one of Mom's green vases and filled it with yellow heliopsis flowers. The green and yellow combination makes me think of Dad, a John Deere guy through and through.

In the midst of a tough week, it's good to bring the beauty of creation inside. Those little spots of color never fail to brighten my day!

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