04 December 2013

Thanksgiving Blessings

 After the year we've had around here, I have been dreading the start of the holiday season. Holidays have been hard for me since we lost Mom five years ago, and now the very thought of the holiday season makes me incredibly sad. The only thing I looked forward to about Thanksgiving was having Bailey home. She had been gone since the first week of June, when she left to be a camp counselor at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan. June to Thanksgiving is a LONG time!

It turned out that having her home was the BEST medicine ever for me. I could not believe how much I had missed having her around the house!

She spent most of her time with Lily on her lap, at least as much as Lily would allow. Lily seemed to be happy to have a second lap around the house. :)

 Unfortunately she had several big projects which were due just after break, so she spent most of the break with her nose in her laptop. But it was great just having her in the house!

We took time for a few things, including a visit to the salon...

...and putting up the Christmas tree. We got this pre-lit tree last year, so we were hoping the lights would actually work. (They did!)

It looked a little strange at first!

Tinsel was on duty as official Tree Inspector, making sure we followed instructions!

She even posed for a seasonal photo!

 Meanwhile, Lily waited under the table, not sure what to make of the whole deal. (Thankfully, she has outgrown her naughty "let's destroy the Christmas tree" stage!)

Bailey was impressed with how I organized all the ornaments last year! (Except for those I still haven't located! I'm obviously so organized that I can't find stuff! HA!)

In spite of the fact that half of the ornaments are still missing, we managed to decorate the tree! It was a nice way to spend our last evening of Thanksgiving break.
Having her here was such a treat! Now I'm finally looking forward to Christmas when we'll have her home for a little bit longer!


Maureen said...

Aw, such great photos Janet! So glad to hear she'll be back for Christmas!

Sarah Coggins said...

What a blessing and fun Thanksgiving! The half together tree made me giggle. That's what it looked like putting up my parents' tree. I was totally jealous of the pre-lit thing after fussing with stringing lights on our real one. Ugh. Forgot how particular I am about that sort of thing!