06 December 2013

Feline Friday: Precariously Perched

 This past week, one of the last ladybugs of the season made its way into the house. Lily (who knows virtually nothing about bugs) immediately spotted it, following it all around the house and up the stairs. When the ladybug flew up to the hallway light, she got as close to it as she could -- on the upstairs banister!

It may not be obvious from this photo, but there is a two-story drop from that spot! She has fallen once or twice from this railing over the years, and it's a long way down. Lily has many talents, but jumping and climbing aren't on the list!

 So I stood very quietly behind Lily as she watched the ladybug, hoping she wouldn't get some crazy idea to go any higher! Luckily the ladybug zipped off to another area of the house, and Lily hopped down in hot pursuit.
WHEW! :)

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh my gosh the cats used to scare me to death when they did that! We used to have a three story drop and they never fell that I know of, but it used to make my heart stop whenever they were up there. I hated it because I was always afraid that if I shoed them down, they'd be more likely to fall.