29 December 2013

Snowstorm Finds

 On a recent trip to visit Bailey in Indiana, we were plagued by snow and ran into terrible roads on the way home, forcing us to overnight in Iowa City. Truly, it's not a bad place to be "stranded", as we enjoyed dinner and a movie...and I got to spend some time in the very nice Goodwill store, which happened to be right next door to our hotel! I walked out of the store with a whole bag of treasures for only $13. What a cheap date I am! :)

One of my great finds was this hand-stitched picture. I'm not sure if it would be considered embroidery or crewel, but I think it's going to look awesome once I have it re-framed. I love the idea of giving new life to something that someone created by hand.

I also found this adorable little reindeer for less than $1. I was all ready to check out when he sort of hopped up into my hand and demanded to go home with me. I was powerless to refuse him! As you can see, he looked pretty adorable on this red chair from my childhood next to one of our Christmas trees. In addition to these treasures, I also picked up two holly dishes to match my mom's set and a brand-new Yankee candle. What great finds!

While in Iowa City, we stopped at the Caribou Coffee where I found these adorable felted coin purses. Unfortunately I didn't buy them at the time so had to track them down when we got back to Des Moines. They could not be cuter! 
 Sure, my daughter reminded me that I'm trying to GET RID OF THINGS instead of bring new things home, but I'm a firm believer that if something speaks to you, you have to buy it...then figure out what to do with it! :)

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