03 December 2013

November Visit to IU

We ventured out to Indiana University in mid-November to attend one of our daughter's band concerts. As always, we packed a very short weekend quite full!

On Saturday evening, Bailey and I attended the Bands of America finals show at Lucas Oil stadium. I've been to plenty of marching band and drum corps shows in my life, but I was blown away by the talent of these high school students. It was a great evening!

 Our seats were so close we could see the pit quite well! This is not ideal from a visual standpoint, but the sound quality was amazing!
One of the shows featured a "shades of the day" theme with lampshades used as props. There was a giant lamp in the center of the field which turned on at the beginning of the show and turned off at the end.
Amazing shows all around. I was excited to attend my first BOA event!

The next day we attended a concert featuring two of our favorite musicians!

Two bands performed in the Musical Arts Center. As always, we were completely impressed by the quality of the performances.

There's our favorite percussionist at the back of the band! She's section leader this semester.

The MAC is such a beautiful venue!

After the performance, I ventured backstage where they were setting up for the opera, Hansel and Gretel. I loved looking at the scenery props!

But this was the best scenery of all! :)

 After the concert, we even got a private performance in one of the practice rooms at the new music building. What a fantastic facility!
 As always, it was a wonderful visit! I'm so glad Bailey will be at IU for a fifth year...I'm not ready for college to end just yet!

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