20 December 2013

Feline Friday: Secret Treats!

I swear, when it comes to FOOD, Lily has a mind like a steel trap! 

Several months ago, I got the misguided (but sounded good at the time) idea to put a bag of Temptations in the drawer of my nightstand so I could entice Lily to get up on the bed with me to sleep. My second mistake was letting her hear and see where the Temptations were stored, and now she is FIXATED on that drawer!

 Any time of the day or night, whether I open that drawer to grab a bottle of hand lotion or a bookmark, she comes flying into the room, ready for tasty NOMS!
I'm really doomed at this point. Even if I move the Temptations, Lily will always believe there are secret treats in that drawer!

1 comment:

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Lily is surely related to Sugar. Even though we changed to buying tuna and salmon in the bags instead of the cans several years ago, Sugar is STILL convinced he's going to get some every time I open a can of beans, tomato, or condensed milk!