01 June 2011

"What's on Your Workdesk?" Wednesday

Today's post is based on a previous post from my blogging friend, Linda, in which crafters from all around the country share what's on their workdesk each Wednesday. I'm not sure if the challenge is still active, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to share what's on my table today since it's actually somewhat tidy!

I have two active class projects for Memory Bound on my table right now, shown in the foreground of this photo. On the left is a state fair mini-album for a class to be offered in August. I designed the album so you could stuff it full of all the goodies you might collect on a visit to the fair. On the right is a set of cards I'm making for my Christmas in July class which will be offered in -- you guessed it! -- July. I'm using the Fancy Pants Traditions line for this set of cards, featuring lots of embossing, inking, and other details.

On the back of my table, starting at the left (click the photo to enlarge):

* The "congratulations" pieces are leftover parts of graduation cards I've been making this season. I will make the last two and put them in my card box for next year.

* The green organizer was a gift from Daughter. It's filled with a variety of paper items related to my personal scrapbooking projects.

* The small Longaberger basket is full of all kinds of journaling blocks. I seem to be collecting a lot of these -- a reminder that I need to be doing more hand journaling on my pages.

* The larger Longaberger basket is currently holding the photos I printed from last year's vacation to Florida. This project is next on my list to start. I'd like to work on it while Daughter is home for the summer so she can help with journaling.

* In front of the basket is a stack of templates I cut from quilting templates. I use these templates all the time when designing pages.

* The small jelly jar is filled with pencils, scoring tools, and other items needed for scrapbooking or card making.

* The die cuts are on the ready for that Florida album. One of these days, I'll get started on that project!

There are no guarantees as to when my next "What's on Your Workdesk?" Wednesday might be. If I'm as productive as I hope to be over the next few weeks, it could be awhile until the surface of my table is visible again!

** Note for any font-sensitive readers: Blogger is not cooperating today with my font choices. Sorry about the inconsistency in fonts!

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Linda said...

I think the meme is still ongoing but I haven't done a work desk post in awhile. Maybe next week. :) I like the State Fair mini, that is a great idea!