12 June 2011

Crazy Mixed-Up House

Right now at our house, nothing is where it should be.

That's not to say we live in perfect order all the time. FAR FROM IT! But things are a little more out of order around here than usual.

All the breakable items from the china cabinet are sitting on the kitchen island.

The furniture is mostly moved out of the living room.

The piano is in the entry way.

And even the girls' food has been moved from its normal place. (Poor Lily is obviously in a state of confusion, staring blankly at the wall.)

Why is all of this happening, you ask?

For the first time ever, we are getting new carpet!

After the carpet is installed, I'm going to take this opportunity to really edit the contents of the rooms before putting things back. While the china cabinet is unloaded, now is the time to seriously examine what's in there (what IS in there, anyway?) and take a box or two to the local thrift store. (I've been donating household items to the Hospice of Central Iowa Giving Tree thrift store, a wonderful little shop which uses proceeds to fund various hospice services.)

I am soooo excited for the new carpet! I hope to post "after" photos by Wednesday or Thursday.

If I can find the camera, that is. :)


Benita said...

Wow, how exciting! But I gotta say, the carpet you have looks brand new already! What color are you getting? Can't wait to see the after pics :) And you can always donate your stuff this way, lol.

Kristina said...

How exciting! New carpet is on our "to-do" list for spring.

Janet said...

Thanks, Benita and Kristina! It's actually terrible in real life -- 20 years old and builder's grade to begin with. The room in the photo happens to be the one that gets the least use so it doesn't look bad but believe me, the other rooms are awful! We're getting a low Berber type loop, quite a bit darker than what's there now. Can't wait!! :)