15 June 2011

And now, new carpet!

This was a VERY exciting week at our house. We got new carpet!

It may not seem all that thrilling, but around here new carpet doesn't happen very often. In fact, it has NEVER happened! So it's a really big deal for us!

The new carpet is a low loop Berber, a few shades darker than our old pile carpet. Don't look too closely at these photos -- they were taken before I vacuumed!

Our old carpet was WAY past its prime. It was a builder's grade to begin with, plus it had been completely traumatized by years of (my) coffee spills and cat accidents. So when we were picking out new carpet, we specifically looked for carpet that would camouflage these kinds of things. In fact, one evening while we were out shopping, I heard myself telling the Carpet Guy, "We're looking for something in the color of cat vomit."

And that's what we got! Our new carpet is the color of cat vomit!

Actually, it has several other good features, too. It's made with SmartStrand
using sustainable, corn-based materials, plus it's extra durable and easy to clean. If and when we have something to clean up, that is. ;)

In order to get ready for the carpet installation, we had to move the grand piano. Most people would hire that done, but not us! Good thing I go to the Dreaded Fitness Place. Now I am qualified to move pianos. And Spouse thinks he could (almost) be on one of those World's Strongest Man shows. As the narrator, of course. :)

Anyway, we had to roll the piano out into the entryway without cracking the tile, so we used plywood sheets to distribute the weight. This entailed lifting the piano several times to shift it from one plywood sheet to another. (Trust me, this operation was MUCH more complicated than it sounds.) Then after the new carpet was installed, we had to move the piano back in place using the plywood to protect the new floor. The fact that Spouse and I executed both moves without injury (either from the piano or each other) is quite remarkable!

Here is Lily modeling the "before" carpet on the stairway. (Oops, I see my toes got in that photo!)

And here is the "after" staircase, minus Lily, coffee spills, and cat vomit.

I'm hoping that it will be a long, long time before one of us puts this SmartStrand carpet to the test!


Linda said...

Oh new carpet! I lol at the color of cat vomit, too funny.

I also love your bathroom makeover

Janet said...

Thanks, Linda! We're happy with the changes!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Sooooooooo funny (the cat vomit color)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, that's why I'd like to tile the entire house. No more vomit problems. I don't think my guy is totally in favor though, but I think he'll be willing to compromise with wood.