29 June 2011

Garden in Late June

Garden Collage #1 - click to enlarge

In an effort to document my garden successes and shortcomings, I've been trying to take photos around the yard every couple of weeks. It's amazing how much change occurs in a short period of time. And it's not always good change! Last week I had to pull out my new larkspur plant which died suddenly -- after looking beautiful for a couple of weeks. Then just this week I noticed powdery mildew on my phlox. My zinnias continue to suffer from some sort of fungus, although they're blooming nicely.

While I still have several problem areas, overall I am much more pleased with my garden areas this year than in the past. The above collage includes some "distance" shots so that I can see where I still spacing problems. I can definitely identify a few plants that need to be divided next spring.

Garden Collage #2

Overall I have much more color around the yard this year than in years past. Much of it has to do with the abundance of patio pots I filled this spring -- many more than in the past. This collage includes close-ups of a few of my favorite little spots around the garden and patio. A friend recently suggested planting a few herbs in pots on the patio, and I'm pleased to report that I did that. It's been several years since I've had herbs in pots and I'm very much enjoying the fresh Thai basil and cilantro. I haven't quite figured out what to do with the lemon balm yet, but it's very pretty!

Success or failure, here's to continued garden adventures!

* * * * *

Garden Collage #1 photo descriptions:

Left to right across collage -
Patio garden (yellow coreopsis in foreground); front garden (hosta, oak leaf hydrangea); garden behind garage (mixed perennials); patio garden (dianthus, sedum, etc.); close-up of same area; distance view of patio garden; dwarf lilac bush, coreopsis; garage garden (daisies, beard tongue, salvia, coreopsis, monarda); front garden (spirea bush in foreground, shade perennials); back garden (Eiffel tower, liatris, daylilies not yet blooming); back of house (heliopsis, iris); distance view of front garden; new shade area with hostas; distance view of back garden

Garden Collage #2 plant list:

Left to right down left side of collage -
zinnias, daylillies, fan flower, lemon balm, sweet marjoram, daylily close-up

Left to right down side of collage -
mixed planter with impatiens, angelica, etc. (large photo), Thai basil, million bells, mixed planter with wave petunias and sun coleus, oak leaf hydrangea (white flower), heliopsis (yellow flower), 3 mixed planters


Heather said...

Very pretty!! Our vegetable/herb garden is coming right along, but I haven't done much with anything else. I'm still learning!

Sharon W said...

Are you sitting out and enjoying the beauty of your garden? It all looks lovely, Janet. You have done a good job.

Benita said...

Your garden is GORGEOUS! Any way you can give me a detailed list of the plant names with the pictures? I'm still learning a LOT about gardening.

Kristina said...

Look great! I can't believe how good our grass looks this year. Much be the amount of rain we're getting and the fertilizer we started to use.

Janet said...

Heather - Thanks much! I'm definitely still learning, too...it's all trial and error for me! lol

Sharon - Thanks so much! You know me...not much sitting, but I am enjoying the color!

Benita - Thank you! I added a plant list to the post. LMK if there is something I missed! I'm working on a more detailed list so that I'll have it for next spring.

Kristina - Thanks! I agree, the rain has helped this year! And thanks to you, I have herbs to enjoy! :) It had been a long time since I'd planted any in pots.

Benita said...

Janet, thank-you SO much for listing the names of all of your plants :) But how in the world do you remember all the names of them??? LOL Also, I was wondering if you put down that weed fabric in your flower beds before you mulch them? If not, how do you keep the weeds out?

And again, I truly love your garden & wish you lived closer so you could come & do mine :)

Janet said...

Sorry I'm late in responding, Benita! No problem listing the plants! :) I do use plant markers to help me remember them. Most of my plants are labeled -- writing down the names helps me but I still forget a lot of them!

I've never tried the weed fabric. I mostly pull or dig weeds (it's a constant job these days with all the rain we've had).

Thanks again for your sweet comments! Can't wait to see pics of what you're up to in the garden! :)