20 June 2011

4th of July Mini-Album and Other Stuff

I have several Memory Bound classes coming up over the next few weeks. On Saturday, June 25, I'll be teaching this mini-album class. It's a 4th of July themed album using WRMK's new Yankee Doodles line. You can find more information on the Memory Bound blog.

In other news, summer seems to be moving along very quickly. We've been busy with a series of home improvement projects and there are still tasks remaining on that list. (Shh...don't tell Spouse!) Of course, once you spruce up one area of the house, it highlights the need for even MORE sprucing up elsewhere.

It's wonderful having Daughter home for the summer, although I think after approximately two hours here she was ready to go back to college. I've been working hard on Not Driving Her Crazy but apparently I am a slower learner. :) She's busy this summer taking three classes and teaching percussion lessons. She's also counseling at two different music camps so she actually gets to return to college twice before she heads back for real in mid-August. In fact, she just returned from the first music camp and reportedly had a great time chaperoning 200 middle and high school kids for the week.

The perennial gardens continue to plague me with spacing issues, although there are areas that actually look pretty good at the moment. Now that most of the plants have reached full size, I can see new problems. Many plants need to be divided or moved. I wish I could just point to them and say, "HEY, SCOOT OVER!" But digging in the dirt (minus the worms) is of course one of the great joys of this hobby.

So here's to continued enjoyment of the summer, whatever it brings!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

WOW! She's busy!!! Very cute album! Good luck on the home improvements!

Linda said...

Enjoy all of your house projects. We have a list of them that need to be done too. lol about you and your dd and how you are a slow learner. That will be me in 2 years. Cute mini album too!