10 June 2011

Feline Friday: WEE GOTT MALE!

A few daiz ago, mi mommie bringed sumfing to us from da big box by da rode: MALE! Wee gott MALE!

I was purrty excited becuz I never got MALE before! Tinsul was happie too but I telled her to get out of da picture.

Dis is MI MALE!

I dint noe about MALE cuz mi mommie never talked to mee about deez thingz b4, but den I seed what it wuz fur miself! Mi mommie's frend from wai bak in collij sended us a buk!! She noez how to sew soft blankies and thot of mee and Tinsul (mostly mee!! See how mi nayme is furst on da rapper??) when she seed dis buk. So she sended it to us!

Dis MALE iz full of piktures of kittehs on blankies!
But deez kittehs r stikked rite on! Dey do not come loose to plai!

Luk at deez kitties wif der mommie! I miss mi kitteh mommie sumtymes. I wunder if she haz a scarff. Once i asked Tinsul to bee mi mommie an she hissed at mee.

Dis little gurl has two kitties, just liek mee and Tinsul! You can tell she lieks da one kittie moar -- dat wud be meee!

And luk at dis one! It is such a purrty blankie! It wud bee purrfect fur mi afternune napp.

Thank u mommies frend fur sending dis buk to us! Wee reallie luv our MALE!

Luv, Lily


Kristina said...

That was a very nice commentary from Lily. I'm glad that she received some male. :)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Aww! Congrats on the male Lily! How fun!