11 January 2011

Towel Tunnel Tuesday

Snow has been falling steadily for the past day or so. We now have seven inches of the white stuff on the ground. I've noticed that when it snows, the kitties tend to hunker down. They only get up to eat, then they go right back to sleep in a Warm Spot.

You know it's cold here when Tinsel makes a Towel Tunnel. This is the third Towel Tunnel she has made this season (see her first structure here).

With each Towel Tunnel, her construction seems to improve. This one is nice and sturdy, with the opening positioned very close to the furnace vent. And it's too small for Lily.

Smart girl. :)


Sarah C. said...

Impressive work, Tinsel! :) Our cats aren't quite that smart. They do hunker down in this cold weather but mainly just take over our bed or the guest bed and try to tuck under the covers a bit.

Heather said...

That is so funny! She's a smart one! :)

Fonda said...

Great engineering Tinsel!

Kristina said...

Very nice construction, Tinsel! I just ordered a couple of cat sacks for our boys. They aren't as talented as Tinsel to make their own.