01 December 2010

A Sure Sign of Winter

You know it's getting cold outside when Tinsel starts burrowing in blankets for warmth.

When were gone for a couple of days this past weekend, Spouse turned down the heat. Tinsel must have been freezing! She did something she's never done before: She made a towel tunnel in Daughter's bathroom, one of the warmer rooms in the house.

Although I laughed when I found her cozy hideaway, I felt sorry for her! (And it made me wonder: Just how low did he set that thermostat, anyway?)
Poor Tinsel! Good thing I'm home now and the thermostat is back up to 72 degrees.


Heather said...

Poor Tinsel, but how smart of her!

Maureen said...

AW... poor girl. When I was away, hubby turned the heat UP! Which is weird since I keep it very warm anyway. No towel tunnels around here... although it does look very neat!

Fonda said...

Our cat Zoe loves to sleep under towels, but she's not quite as neat as Tinsel. Very elegant.