07 January 2011

Feline Friday: Crissmas in Reevew, by Lily

Now dat mi mommie putted awai da Crissmas tree, mi seesonal fun is ozer.

But Crissmas waz fun wile it lasted! Tinsul got a preetend possum an sum yummy treets frum Santa. She did not want to bee in dis picture so Baiwee had to show hur treets. I am sure Tinsul will share dem wif me beecuz she luvs me.

And even tho mi stockeen was turned to da "NAUGHTY" side, i still gotted sum treets AND a bag of 100 PUFFBALLS! I am so exsited! Now I will not loose dem so much.

But da vary, vary best part of Crismuss was haveen Baiwee home wif us!