14 January 2011

Feline Friday

I'm a slow learner. I KNOW that tasty treats need to be put out of Lily's reach. But earlier this week, I carelessly left a baggie of leftover Pillsbury Crescent Rolls on the table. This time, Spouse caught Lily at 4 AM with the bag in paw, riddled with teeth marks. Bits of crescent rolls were broken off but still inside. It was clear that with a little more time, Lily would have gnawed through the plastic and enjoyed more than her fill of carbohydrates. Given her track record, I have no doubt that she would have eaten every single roll.

The next day, Lily agreed to do a quick re-enactment.

She was more than happy to return to the scene of the crime...

...and demonstrate her Pillsbury Crescent Roll Super Seeking Powers.

A (somewhat blurry) close-up reveals the damage.

As payment for such a fine re-enactment, I rewarded Lily with a little taste. Never has a Pillsbury Crescent Roll been so fervently pursued, and never has a tiny crumb been so savored!

1 comment:

Linda said...

So darn cute! I'm glad you gave her a taste after her fine re-enactment. :)

And Happy Birthday to Bailey! I enjoyed looking at your photo collage.