27 January 2011

Hurry, please!

What NAUGHTY THING could these kitties possibly be doing? They look so INNOCENT, just sitting on the desk nicely next to each other.

Well, I'll tell you what they're doing: They are waiting for me to finish my yogurt so they can have a tiny taste! As soon as I open the yogurt container (or pour a bowl of cereal, or heat up some leftovers, make a salad with Ranch dressing, or whatever!), the Peanut Gallery is assembled and waiting, often not so patiently, for small treat. Sometimes Tinsel will hop on my lap and Lily will climb on my shoulder, each one trying to get close enough to snag the first bite.

GIRLS! It's MY lunch! :)


Heather said...

Sam does the same thing to me!! If I have something involving chips or crackers, I have to watch her really closely or she will grab one and run. Spoiled brat. LOL

Linda said...

This is so funny and I love the look Tinsel is giving Lily.

Kristina said...

Our kitties open the cabinet door that house their food and treats for us. If that cabinet door is open, and one of us heads for it, it doesn't matter where in the house they are....all four of them come running! lol