14 January 2010

Scrap Storage

I'm a fairly frugal scrapbooker (okay, VERY frugal), so I really do use my scraps. But there IS such a thing as too many scraps. If you're not quite sure what that looks like, see the first photo below.

This is what my scrap storage has looked like for quite some time. Way, way, WAY more scraps than anyone could possibly use in a lifetime. Sorting through this many scraps looking for that precise shade of green or tiny piece of blue was enough to make me crazy.

Recently I pared my scraps down to a very reasonable amount and put them in smaller drawers I was using for other supplies -- in rainbow color order, of course. I punched a cardstock circle to color-code each drawer. I bagged up the scraps I didn't need and put them in my "donate" box.

Then I covered the inside front of each drawer with black cardstock, because I don't like the contents of my drawers to show! (I mean, who does???)

My only complaint about these drawers (and the two additional sets not pictured) is that they're only 11 inches deep, which means they don't accommodate 12" scraps. I have to store those long scraps with my full sheets of cardstock. But that's probably the best place for them anyway.

And there you have it! Much more organized and usable scrap storage. And it didn't cost a thing.


Heather said...

Nice job! I need to get my scraps in better shape so I'll use them more.

Fonda said...

What a good idea Janet. I currently has my scraps in ziplocks, somewhat organized by color. But they also need a good purge! I like these style drawers and the 12x12 are even better!

Maureen said...

Wow, what a great idea... love the punched circles for reference.

I know what you mean about the depth of the drawers, I hate it when I have scraps that stick out from the drawer! Yes, drawer, as in single one. I have one drawer for cardstock scraps and one for patterned paper scraps.

'Cause I purged a few months ago ;)

Katie said...

Janet - throw them away on top of all your hair dryers...JK!! I am impressed with your idea. I am always wondering what to do with my scraps. I actually did throw my scraps away when we moved. I took a deep breath, tossed and then immediately took the garbage out so I wouldn't "save" them from the big black bag!!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Funny Katie!

I just keep my scraps all in one big pile. I do use them a lot, for cards. But I just have to sort through. Maybe if I come by one of those drawer thingies I'll do that too!

Cheri said...

My scraps are in similar storage...remember those really expensive rainbow colored drawers with the silver drawer frame at MB? About a year before it hit their shelves, Mom purchased the same exact drawers thinking Christopher could use them for odds and ends. Nope, I appropriated them for scraps...and the drawers are already color-coded;)